Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Photos from the past month

This month has seemed to fly by!  I feel like I say that a lot, and it’s true!  I can’t even tell you what has been filling our days and time lately.  A few “big” things (like a last-minute trip to Tennessee over labor day weekend!), but as far as the day-to-day happenings go, I find myself wondering what we’ve actually done this month (you know, beyond the normal—raising a toddler, cooking, cleaning, growing a baby… that kind of stuff). 

Instead of a “tot school” entry today, I mostly just have photos.  I think I’ve said before that we’re kind of “on again, off again” with tot-school.  Some weeks (or months!) are better than others.  Anyway, onto photos! 

This one is just cute.  Ella, 26 months old:


We went to the zoo last month for Wes’ annual family picnic.  It was fun, although rainy toward the end.  We didn’t end up walking around the zoo much, since we have passes.  Plus, it started at 1pm, which is usually Ella’s naptime, so she skipped a nap that day and was asleep in the car within about 3 minutes of leaving.  :) 

It was raining lightly that day, so naturally, she found the puddles she could stomp in…



   …and riding the carousel is always a favorite! 



She painted this cute little birdhouse that she picked out at JoAnn’s (on clearance for $1). 


Her new favorite thing to do when Wes gets home (or sometime before bed), is to dance with Daddy!  He seems to like it too.  :) 




He made her these silly glasses out of pipe cleaners.  She thought it was hilarious.  :) 



We took a last-minute trip to Tennessee to visit Wes’ parents over labor-day weekend.  While we were there, we went on a pontoon boat!  Ella’s first boat ride! 



She even got to “drive” with daddy!  



Football season started!  …but she was more interested in Blue’s Clues stickers than watching the game.  :) 


…and then something smudged on my camera, and my pictures are blurry after this!  I need to find something that is safe to use to clean the lens! 

(And then I need to commit to taking photos more often!)


Unknown said...

The pictures are great, and your narration is wonderful.