Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Back on the “tot-school” wagon…

I admit that I am not a very organized person, even if I always intend to be (this blog, for example, is something I think about often, and even outline posts in my head… but clearly, following-through is not always my reality!).  I first read about tot-school a year (or more?) ago, and have had “good weeks” and “bad weeks” and everything in between.  Ella became a big sister in January, and OH MY I can’t believe how fast time has gone since then. 

So, I’m giving myself a break (because LIFE happens and feeling guilty over not being a perfect housewife and perfect mom isn’t doing me a single bit of good) and hitting the “reset” button with tot-school/preschool.  I’m also taking a new approach: planning ahead!  Instead of making or printing off activities to do TODAY, I’m going to take the next 2 weeks to plan, create, gather, and relax! 

I am also going to plan differently.  Instead of outlining specific activities to do each day (or week), I have created a generic planning sheet that fits me better.  Although I love the tot-school planning sheet (found here), I find that having certain things to do on specific days just doesn’t work for me long-term.  I’m a more open-ended kind of girl, which means I like to

If I was super savvy, I would give you a download to my planning form (which is essentially boxes where I can write in ideas for different categories.  These ideas and activities can be implemented at any time.  There is no “date” listed on my planning sheet, just a space to put in “age” and a “theme” if you want one.)  Anyway, if you would like it, I would be happy to e-mail it to you (leave your e-mail address in a comment or on facebook and I’ll send it ASAP!).  I’ve also included ideas on how to use the planning sheet and different open-ended activities to try. 

For more on tot-school, visit Carissa’s blog by pushing this button! 

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