Monday, May 30, 2011

Summer Tot-School Themes

I’m still in planning mode for tot-school (preschool?), beginning next Monday.  I think it will help my brain if I scribble my thoughts down here, and maybe even pull links to resources and whatnot. 

So here’s what I’m thinking (these are brainstorming ideas, assuming that I have an unlimited amount of money to spend-which I don’t.  We won’t be doing all of these things—just ideas to kick-off on!  Also, a good old google search will probably happen prior to each week’s theme.  There are endless possibilities!):






  • birthday puzzle
  • birthday dramatic play (party hats, pretend to wrap presents)
  • bake cupcakes/cake
  • The Mini Birthday Pack by Homeschool Creations


  • Garden preschool Pack by Homeschool Creations
  • plant our own flowers
  • dirt/watering can/tools to use in outdoor sensory box




  • dramatic play-set up a tent, flashlights, make a pretend camp fire
  • make s’mores!
  • talk about moon/stars/constellations


Hmmm… maybe I’ll just try to stick with those 9 and spread them out/allow myself extra time (and hopefully by the end of summer, I won’t feel guilty that I didn’t squeeze in everything that I wanted to).  I can also add in more if I need to.  And if I can manage 9 themes each season, that’s 36 total.  Seems like a good goal, right?  I would love to hear your ideas as well!  What are your summer tot-school/preschool plans?