Friday, July 15, 2011

Mid-Summer Update!

Wow, is it REALLY the middle of July already? Where has the time gone?

In the last month, some exciting things have happened! Ella celebrated her THIRD birthday (I'm the mom of a 3-year-old!), Lucy turned 6 months old and is CRAWLING (!!!), and Wes went back to school!

My children really amaze me, every single day. I feel like in the last 3ish months, that I've really found my mom groove. There are a lot of things that I am not very good at, but lately I have been feeling really good about parenting. Ella challenges me every single day, and I try my best to respond to her appropriately and consistently. Of course, there are times when I respond in a less-than-ideal way, but I've learned to give myself a break, use my mistakes as learning opportunities, and do better the next time. Lucy and Ella fill me with such joy, and I feel so blessed by them! Lucy spoils me, she is so easy going. If all babies were like her, I would happily have many more! Ella's laughter just melts my heart.

Wes started taking classes this summer, working towards a business degree. His degree in architecture is not helping the job hunt--there are ZERO architecture jobs right now! With a business degree, he could open the doors to many different careers. Honestly, I think that this break from working is good for him! Financially, we're doing ok--hanging in there, watching our spending and trying to keep our bills low. Wes and I don't have health insurance, which is the only thing that really worries me. The girls do, so that's a relief.

Other than that, not a lot is going on here! We're kind of living in the moment right now! I am (of course!) planning for the upcoming "school" year. I'll have to do a separate planning post for that. :)


Unknown said...

Surfing came across your wonderful blog here, while my kids are older, I LOVE your TOT SCHOOL entries and by the way your girls are beautiful! look forward to continue reading your posts!
I will be adding you to my blog roll on my site!